Current Opportunities

Ready to start delivering great marketing programs on campus? Check out our current opportunities and contact us to get involved.

Campus Causes is a free fundraising tool that helps sororities, fraternities, clubs and teams raise money for their causes when they shop online with hundreds of great brands. Set up a fundraising campaign and start earning for what matters to you.
A healthy (and mighty tasty) granola brand would like to distribute samples of its product in campus bookstores.
A feminine care brand would like to distribute samples to sororities and in female locker rooms of campus fitness centers.
A customizable mobile phone case company would like to advertise its product via bookstores, campus fitness centers, student groups and ambassadors.

A mobile app would like to advertise via campus bookstores, campus fitness centers, student group and ambassadors.


Packaged breakfast food samples to be distributed hand-to-hand at campus fitness centers.


Raise awareness for a major tech company via digital media placement (email and social).